Monday, 22 June 2009

Conference Bags

Top 10 Tips for Buying Conference Bags

Orange Promotions Ltd is a leading provider of conference bags, promotional gifts, portfolios and corporate clothing.

Orange Promotions Ltd is focused entirely on the needs of event organisers and has built a reputation for service and quality based not only on their top quality products but also their understanding of the industry. During the past year we have also pioneered the market for environmentally friendly promotional gifts.

Here Ryan McCormick, MD of Orange Promotions Ltd gives his Tip 10 Tips for specifying and purchasing that all-important conference bag. Things to consider are:

1. Price. Most organisers have a budget of £5 for a conference bag. Smaller high profile events often have a higher budget - in the region of £10, whilst events for several thousand often require something closer to £3.50. These budgets are entirely feasible for good quality bags.

2. Quality. Be certain to buy good quality as sponsors much prefer a high quality, well-made bag. The difference in price between a cheap, mass-produced bag from poor quality factories and the retail quality factories is only about 50p per bag. Keep the sponsors happy!

3. Customisation. Creating your own conference bag is entirely possible. The right supplier can change the colours of zippers, pullers and panels of material so that the bag reflects the theme of the conference. Bags can also be customised to include pockets for specific conference programmes and more. However, don't forget that such a service usually requires a lead-time of 10 weeks and a minimum order quantity of 500.

4. Flexibility. Most organisers need flexibility in confirming final numbers. It is important that your supplier holds substantial stocks of bags in-house, allowing you to confirm final delegate numbers (and therefore your bag requirements) just days before the event. Many suppliers do not hold stocks, which therefore means that lead-time can be four weeks or more.

5. Samples. Many companies still charge for samples. Try to avoid this by choosing a supplier who does not. This way you can receive your samples quickly and without fuss ready for your client meeting. There is nothing more painful than setting up trading accounts and unnecessary details just to receive a sample.

6. Content. Unpacking, filling and organising several thousand conference bags in the days leading up to an event can be a headache for even the most competent organiser. Instead work with a supplier who can provide this service for you and deliver the bags pre-packed, directly to the event.

7. Delivery. Ask your supplier to deliver your bags directly to the venue, saving you additional carriage charges. However, ensure your supplier has a history of successful, punctual delivery to locations throughout the world.

8. Environment 1. Environmentally responsible bags are being used or considered by most professional conference organisers. Be sure to use a supplier with a reputable name who can demonstrate the environmental benefits of the textiles they are supplying.

9. Environment 2. Use a supplier who minimises the use of polybags. There are so many suppliers who wrap each and every delegate bag within its own plastic bag. Not only is the over use of polythene detrimental to the environment, it is also a nightmare for organisers to unpack hundreds of bags at the venue when they have more important things to do!

10. Fairtrade. Most conference bags are made in China or third world countries, where working conditions vary from factory to factory. Any company, but particularly those with strong CSR credentials, should consider the ethical principles of their suppliers.

Ryan McCormick
Orange Promotions Ltd

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