Thursday, 1 October 2009

Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Promotional Gifts

Top 10 Tips for choosing the right Promotional Gifts:

1. Think about your business aim

Do you want to increase sales? Advertise your company name? Promote customer loyalty? Promotional products can have many uses so you need to have a clear objective of what you want to achieve before you start.

2. Select a product that is appropriate to your audience and promotion

Start with the type of promotion and then look at how you can best engage with your audience. If you’re simply looking to advertise your business to a mass market then a branded pen may be the best solution. However, if you want to thank someone for their business throughout the year then a discreetly personalized item may be more appropriate.

3. Define a clear budget

Decide on a budget and stick to it. This is especially true if you haven’t bought promotional products before. Make sure you also account for shipping and handling costs and factor them into your overall marketing costs. And remember, your print price will be more expensive if your logo has more than one colour in it.
4. Keep your corporate colours in mind

When choosing your product, try to co-ordinate with your company colours. This will give your branding greater focus and help to make your product look bespoke. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a promotional pen – choose ‘mix and match’ clip and barrel options which incorporate your company colours.
5. Make use of multiple print areas

Many promotional products can be printed in more than one position so take advantage of this. You’ll save money on having to buy fewer products by promoting multiple brand messages on one item. Wherever possible, include your company contact details and web address.

6. Go Green

More and more businesses have environmental objectives to strive for as part of their business plan – if you do or if your recipient does, think about using eco-friendly promotional products. Not only will you be able to advertise your companies name you’ll also associate your brand with positive eco values.

7. Timing

Timing, as they say, is everything. Try to make sure that your promotion doesn’t clash with any large-scale events as this can dilute your impact. For instance, it may not be the best idea to promote your Easter range during the World Cup!
8. Order early

Some products take longer than others to set-up for print, so check lead times which will allow you to get the product you desire in the quantity and colour you require – on-time.

9. Shop around

Make sure that you shop around to get the best prices and use a company that guarantees delivery on time or it's free … the whole order!

10. Relax!

Promotional products and business gifts are ordered and there’s nothing left to do except sit back, relax and wait for the delivery! And when the products arrive there’s not much more to do except hand them out and let the products speak for themselves!”

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